Chatterton Lacework  recommends a few tips for homeowners to ensure the best possible results when considering lacework restoration.

Replacing the iron or aluminium lacework on a Victorian-style home can dramatically transform and refresh its character and charm. Chatterton Lacework recommends aluminium lacework as replacement for the original lacework during restoration because it maintains the lacework’s authentic qualities, is lighter and therefore easier to work with, does not rust, and is easier to paint.

When replacing iron or aluminium lacework on an old home, installers should observe the lacework style of homes in the neighbourhood and attempt to match it accordingly. This creates an air of authenticity as all homes in the area reflect the same era.

Attention to detail when buying a matching panel or piece of iron lacework is important as castings will often look the same but may vary in size.

Chatterton Lacework advises that it is better to reproduce the exact casting as this will guarantee that the panels and lacework are identical to the original.