Chatterton Lacework  offer a wide range of lacework and balustrade designs. The Boston fern appeared in the late 1880’s and early 1890’s.

It was seen predominantly in and around Melbourne. It was one of many designs featuring the Australian ferns in particular the tree fern, as it is seen in the Fishfern design.

The Birdsville design illustrates the sulphur crested cockatoo. This design originated around 1880 in and around the country towns and cities of NSW. It was registered by D&R Bradford on 3.12.1884.

A veranda panel featuring the cockatoo was registered on 3.12.1884 as was the lacework; an example of this design can be seen in Picton NSW.

Another design featuring the Kookaburra is now rarely seen. It was a familiar sight in Melbourne suburbs including Prahran and Victorian country towns including Ballarat where it can still be seen today.

The Kooyong design was registered by A.Macleon on 5.06.1880; however, another design he registered was the Vase Key frieze. This was registered on 8.06.1886.

Many properties come under National Trust preservation orders, many examples of original cast iron lacework and balustrade can be seen on these properties.