Verandahs on heritage properties can be easily restored using the wide range of iron lacework, aluminium lacework and lace balustrade products available on the market today.

Replacing rotting timber and corroded cast iron posts in these heritage homes has never been easier. For instance, replacing the old iron lacework with aluminium lacework or the balustrade with decorative aluminium heritage lace balustrade will enhance any property.

One can either choose cast iron or opt for the aluminium castings available today. Original heritage cast iron lacework can be replicated in both small and large quantities, with the reproductions looking almost identical to the original castings. Lace balustrade panels can also be reproduced similar to aluminium lacework or cast iron lacework.  

Aluminium replicas of lacework or lace balustrade are increasingly being accepted by homeowners thanks to the quality of reproduction.

Aluminium lacework is available from Chatterton Lacework .