Owners of Victorian cottages often consider renovating the lacework facades on their heritage properties. A usual practice these days is to restore the lacework and balustrade on the façade and create a more modern look out back.

Restoration of the facade including the lacework and lacework balustrade is a vital part of the renovation of a heritage property. Older-style properties that combine period decorative details with modern open plan living areas are much sought after by buyers. While restoration is not mandatory, it can produce attractive results and also increase the property’s value by 20%-30%.

Heritage controls are in place in many council areas in Sydney and Melbourne to prevent ugly and large renovations in conservation zones. However, despite these measures, there have been instances of unsympathetic renovation and incorrect choice of architectural products on the facade including the lacework and lacework balustrade. Use of inappropriate materials will not only ruin the look of a house but also devalue the property.