Melbourne lacework manufacturer Chatterton Lacework has been manufacturing and reproducing fine period castings of original lacework designs for over fifty years.

Original lacework designs may range from those seen in the flashy homes of the late 1800s to the typical Italian villas preferred by the middle classes in Regency England around the mid-1800s. 

Early examples of lacework appeared in the 1840s in Melbourne, Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales. The applied detailing may have been used on a villa, cottage or terrace house. 

The classical Federation and Edwardian homes were introduced during 1900–1915, which saw typical Victorian features such as lacework parapets, elaborate stucco details and symmetry in the facade and floor plan being rejected. 

Both these home designs display timber fretwork; however some forms of lacework can be seen on other properties built during this period.