Chatterton Lacework advises homeowners keen on renovating their heritage properties to spend time researching and understanding their homes before embarking on any restoration project. This research will help them make accurate decisions with regard to restoring the facade, including heritage features such as lacework and balustrade.

Homeowners should first appreciate and understand the finer aspects of their heritage homes and what they need to be doing to their homes by way of restoration without relying on a builder or even an architect to give accurate information.

Homeowners can engage a heritage specialist for a small fee to visit their home to explain the significance of the property, the potential for additions and improvements, and the impact of these renovations on sale potential. This consultation will only take a couple of hours; however the visit could make the difference between success and failure of the restoration.

Chatterton Lacework adds that it requires a certain degree of skill to be able to read a house and understand where it has changed over a period of time. Obvious areas to look for include marks on plaster and doorways, and alterations to the facade.