Chandelierium has designed and manufactured a beautiful range of eight Venetian glass chandeliers. The collections features a variety of light fittings, colours and sizes, all finished with decorative Venetian glass ornaments. Chandelierium also offer a thorough cleaning service to maintain the quality and appearance of the chandeliers.

The chandeliers feature a curved Venetian glass frame with teardrop shaped ornaments hanging from the bottom of the arms. There are two sizes, 63 by 53 centimetres and 60 by 71 centimetres with six or eight lights respectively.

HG504VGBK/6 and HG504VGBK/8 chandeliers are finished in black glass while HG504VGWH/6 and HG504VGWH/8 chandeliers are a glossy white. HG504GWSR/6 and HG504VGSR/8 are finished in clear glass so it has a more contemporary look. HG504GWRD/6 and HG504VGRD/8 are finished in a vibrant ruby red.