Edwards Chandelier Service from Chandelierium specialises in the restoration chandeliers of all styles, marks and ages. The restoration service returns the chandeliers to their original beauty.

The chandelier restoration work typically includes the restoration of metalware to original condition by gold or silver plating, brass polishing, gold or silver leaf, and bronzing. Patina antiquing is also another chandelier restoration method which involves applying painted finishes, repairing broken metal parts and supply new chain.

Cleaning of the crystal parts of chandeliers and replacing old and brittle fasteners, changing fasteners between crystals with new nickel, gold plated or brass pins or using brass wire or aged brass wire to mimic antiques look, replacing missing or broken crystal parts, making copies of crystal parts, are also part of the chandelier restoration process.

The chandelier restoration service available from Chandelierium also includes rewiring and replacement of old electrical wires, replacing old damaged lamp holders with new lamp holders, replacing candle covers, carrying out electrical conversions to antique chandeliers ensuring 'antique look" is maintained.