Massage chairs are available from Chairs R Us.

Having advanced automatic body sensing and scanning capability, the technology will automatically set your personal massage program.

High quality newly designed main VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) adds colour and luxury to a highly advanced but easy to operate main remote control.

There is an additional smaller remote to control the recliner function and Mp3 player.

15 double layered airbags are there in total.

High power motors on buttocks are used to massage perineum points to relieve fatigue.

  • Heaters on waist and foot soles can be helpful to those who suffer from rheumatism
  • New 24 volt DC power motors, a new massage chair technology
  • Six newly designed wheels to the massage-mechanism provide a noiseless, effective and serene massage
  • Mp3 player and good quality headphones
  • Pyramid shaped airbags massage the buttocks and both sides of the thighs
  • Calves and feet airbags (double-layer) massage
  • Fine PU leather

Apart from all the features that its sister model the Bellaire massage chair has, this massage chair is slightly bigger and is 30KG heavier due to a stronger frame, arm air massager units, hi-fi system and onboard good quality speakers.

The massage chair also features a 24Volt DC electrical system with precision Japanese designed motors and has heaters in the back and waist and foot modules, as well as high powered vibrating motors in the seat.