Chaffey Bros Trading  are one of the importers, applicators as well as agents for Novaglass waterproofing products across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Chaffey Bros Trading are one of the water proofing specialists providing wall and podium tanking, domestic wet area waterproofing, planters, roof decks as well as repair and maintenance services. The Novaglass products offered by Chaffey Bros Trading are torch-on polyester or fibreglass reinforced polymer modified bitumen sheet membrane. Novaglass incorporates excellent waterprooofing mechanical characteristics. Novaglass sheet membrane can be used for wet areas such as floors, spa trays and shower trays.

The three millimetre thick sheet is well suited for lift overrun pits, tanking basement walls, podium decks, planter boxes and water features. Novaglass Polibit is one of the most versatile products for Queensland. Novaglass products carry an automatic 10 year material warranty that is matched by a 10 year applicator warranty. Novaglass product from Chaffey Bros Trading offers item such as SBS membrane and APP membrane. Novaglass prefabricated membrane comprises of elastomeric type products and one of plastomeric type.

Elastomeric membranes present a waterproofing compound that are made with distilled bitumen modified with thermoplastic type elastomers (SBS e SIS) with in the centre suitable reinforcement in pure polyester, reinforced fibre glass or composite. Even in the case of plastomeric, weight and type of reinforcement are adopted, includes superficial finishing and technical characteristics of the waterproofing compound, all these features contribute to identify the different products.