SBS Membrane 25°C from Chaffey Bros Trading consists of item like NOVAGUM-P, NOVAGUM-P MINERAL. SBS Membrane 15°C comprises of items such as ISOGUM-P, ISOGUM-P MINERAL, ISOGUM-V, ISOGUM-V MINERAL. SBS Membrane 20°C includes items such as FLEXGUM-P, FLEXGUM-P MINERAL, FLEXGUM-P FR MINERAL, FLEXGUM-V, FLEXGUM-V MINERAL. SBS Membrane 10°C includes ISOROOF-SBS, ISOROOF-SBS MINERAL. NOVAGUM-P product of Novaglass is a elstomeric modified bitumen waterproofing membrane (SBS) that are industrially manufactured by impregnation of the reinforcement with the waterproofing compound based on distilled bitumen modified with elastomeric polymers of the latest generation.

The composite reinforcement in NOVAGUM-P is made of nonwoven spunbond polyester in combination with fiberglass that conveys high dimensional stability, isotropic behaviour mechanical characteristics and elastic performance. Shaping of sheets, dimensional and surface uniformity, straightness is accomplished with the help of hot calendering of the mass at hot melt fluid state. The upper surface in NOVAGUM-P is coated with anti-adhesive amorphous sand. The lower surface in NOVAGUM-P is coated with a thermo-fusibile polyolefin.

NOVAGUM-P MINERAL is a high performance membrane. NOVAGUM-P is particularly suitable as single layer and as top layer in multilayer waterproofing systems, with compatible membranes. NOVAGUM-P MINERAL is very appropriate where the substrate undergoes significant and frequent movements.