In a hectic business world where being time poor is an inevitable evil; it is relieving to know that there are alternatives to help make things simpler. 

CFS offers an array of ingenious solutions to assist in improving the work space – and the means to make it happen.

Although recently branching into workstations, Commercial Fit-out and joinery, CFS is well-known for its adept abilities and good work with records management.

The records management consulting services from CFS are notably used by projects managers, architects and designers to ensure a streamlined and successful office overhaul.

The significant benefit in effective office organisation is productivity. Instead of metaphorically sweeping the paperwork under the rug, CFS takes care of the filing and records management during the office restructure, giving time to oversee the more important issue.

This control is innumerably beneficial to an organisation, with productivity loss being one among high workplace and profit issues.

CFS has assisted a vast array of businesses to improve and maintain their efficiency by providing them with innovative filing solutions that allow them to create functional and organised space.

Renowned for its “Fuss-free service and an information flow that is quick, precise, correct and easy to understand" CFS’ success is seen in the results.

A recently completed project for Standards Australia saw an 85% reduction of physical filing and storage after a complete audit, implementation of new systems and planning filing, and storage locations for a new fit-out.