CETEC  is a technical risk management consultancy that offers scientific solutions in order to minimize risk. CETEC offers solutions in terms of property, occupational health, environmental, innovation and problem solving, Legionella & Water Systems, Indoor Environment & Facility Ecology, Asbestos, Chemicals and Other Hazards. The business of CETEC customers are exposed to increasing number of potential risks.

Customer’s negligence in terms of business leads to litigation, financial loss as well as losing business credibility. CETEC provides customers with one-stop service in terms of providing information, independent recommendations and strategy, solutions in order to minimise and manage technical or scientific risk. CETEC at a macro level offers strategic risk assessment as well as management.

With reference to micro risk CETEC offers resolution to specific problems. CETEC pays attentions to customer’s requirements as well as work in partnership in order to deliver practical solutions in a cost effective manner. The team members of CETEC possess extensive knowledge over a wide range of industries in order to assists small, large and multinational organization. CETEC uses risk management process in terms of environmental needs such as detailed reports, information as per customer’s requirement, corporate requirement and culture in order to provide a means of complete control and accountability.