Ceranova Tiles  provides retail as well as wholesale of tiles that are innovative, interesting and of good quality as well as design. Ceranova Tiles anticipates its future trends with the help of lifestyle indicators such as homewares, furniture and clothing. Ceranova Tiles offers new life style concepts to customers with the help of combining Australian range with that of imported products.

Ceranova Tiles offers wide range of product tiles such as Iridium and central station indoor flooring, Flowerdance and Pret a Porter contemporary bathroom, Melange and Textura Indoor and Outdoor, Indoor and Outdoor Stone Collection, Opalina contemporary bathrooms, United colour of Benetton. Ceranova Tiles also offers tile variety such as Esprit Nouveau contemporary bathrooms, City Lights contemporary bathrooms, Cross Roads contemporary bathrooms, Modern Comfort contemporary bathrooms, indoor and outdoor Loft, Uptown and Terminal, Imarmi indoor classical, contemporary borders, indoor and outdoor Percorsi, Beton and Luce.

Iridium and central station indoor flooring variety of Ceranova Tiles consists of Iridium Solaire Dore 600 into 600, Platform 1 600x600 Rectified, Platform 1 490x490, Iridium Solaire Argent 600x600, Platform 3 490x490, Platform 4 490x490, Platform 2 490x490, Iridium Solaire Vert de Gris 600x600, Iridium Lumiere Argent 600x600 and so on.