In 2017 Cemintel launched its Surround™ collection, a collection that responded to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live. Surround was a reinterpretation of cladding, with a core range of expertly curated ‘ish’colours and discrete patterns that worked equally well for interior and exterior facades. Its sophisticated yet simple approach to building materials was a breath of fresh air to architects, building designers and builders.

The Surround 2020 Collection from Cemintel takes Surround to a new level. The five neutral ‘ISH’ colours in five different textures remain. To this, a range of 16 secondary colours is offered that allow architects, designers and builders to work with colour in ways that are both idiosyncratic and accessible, to create environments that are organic and more human.

The palette in this collection has been curated to be sophisticated, offering the opportunity to experiment within the range, perhaps find that one thing missing, and to produce unexpected and outstanding results. Each colour is designed as a standalone colour, but one that works exceptionally well with different materials and textures.

The neutral palette of Whiteish, Greyish, Greenish, Blueish and Blackish is a foundation on which all the different colours of the 2020 Collection easily work. This allows certainty when it comes to mixing and matching any of the neutral colours with any of the 16 secondary colours.

An important aspect of the 2020 Collection is that each colour comes in a range of different textures. So that, when working with just one colour, there is an added dimension to the façade of the building, or interior wall. Light will reflect in different ways, animating the surface. With 5 different textures to choose from there is the prospect of some stunning results.


  • Prefinished and colour through
  • Curated range of neutral ‘ish’ and highlight colours
  • Panels come trimmed and sealed
  • Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Colour matched rivets are available
  • Panel installation uncomplicated with a single, unique rivet type
  • Superior weather resistance and strength
  • Final sealant coating applied that better withstands weathering over time, as well as environmental factors like pollution and microclimatic conditions, such as mould/algae

For more information on the Surround 2020 collection, visit the Cemintel website or contact Cemintel on 1300 236 468.