Cemintel® cladding was the product of choice for the architects of a new office building constructed on a rocky cliff overlooking Western Australia’s Swan Valley wine region.

Belonging to Mike Bennett, Director of Bennett Wealth Group, a wealth management consultancy, the purpose-built office, which sees kangaroos and horses roaming the property, is a world away from the concrete jungle of Perth’s inner city, where exorbitant rents and a long commute triggered the desire for a more sustainable and enjoyable place to do business.

Located just 100 metres from Mike’s home in Red Hill, the project site presented complications during the build as it was situated on the edge of a cliff. Mike sought a high quality, low maintenance building, which blended with the semi-rural ambience and capitalised on the spectacular views of Swan Valley and the city. A quality architectural finish was also critical to impress his clients and create a great experience.

Cemintel was recommended for the project by Drew and Trevor of Davies and Chudleigh Architects who completed the initial design and specified the pre-finished facade product to complement the innovative structure and its environment.

In keeping with her client’s desire for a low maintenance, high-end finish, designer Sarah Knox from Eskay Design, chose Cemintel’s Territory Urban Grey and Textured Ebony cladding products to meet the brief. The building not only needed to blend into its very raw natural environment, but also had to look professional and well finished. Sarah explained that it needed to maintain its integrity as an office building and have a contemporary edge; to achieve this they decided to combine the two Cemintel cladding products on the facade.

Cemintel’s modern, innovative and distinctive Territory pre-finished cement bonded panels are suitable for both internal and external applications.

According to Mike, the cladding elevated the project from being ‘just another building’ to something extra special. The Textured Ebony panels and the granite rock surrounding the building share a very similar colouring, enabling Cemintel’s cladding to blend in well.

Having used the Territory panels in other projects, Sarah was keen to see it on the office facade. She described the cladding as an incredibly versatile product with an extensive range in terms of colours and finishes. Urban Grey was chosen for its concrete look and the large format, pre-finished panels were also simple to install.

Mike also appreciated the support extended to the project by their Cemintel representative, Andrew, given that the Swan Valley building wasn’t a big project.