Cementel Fibre Cement Systems announces the launch of a weatherboard range that looks as Australian as the name behind it. Designed for external use, the new Cemintel Weatherboards can be used alone or in a composite construction alongside bricks and other building materials to achieve a spectacular result, with high value for money.

Cemintel Weatherboard products are autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement weatherboards designed for residential cladding. Immune to permanent water damage, this lightweight construction method makes it the ideal choice for a tough, durable cladding system.

The range is extremely versatile in its use, and its strength, performance and appearance makes it particularly ideal for upper and lower storey additions, cladding over existing walls for a new look, gable ends, garages and tool sheds.

The two popular designs, Endeavour and Headland, were selected by a panel of builders, architects and homeowners. Endeavour is a smooth, modern profiled weatherboard with clean straight lines and a rebate that accentuates the shadow line in its design. Headland is a more traditional weatherboard with a small pencil round and groove effect. It has a larger surface area than Endeavour and the rounded profile provides an elegant finish.

Cemintel Weatherboard complements a range of home styles from the modern, clean-lined, smooth look of a beach house to the more ornate, traditional look of a country homestead, or something in between.

According to Mr. Mike Fraser, General Manager Cemintel, “Builders are demanding wider shadow lines and easy to install products that achieve a certain look. Likewise, resellers want to be able to offer their customers a choice of looks from traditional to modern, at a cost effective price.”

“Our Cemintel Weatherboard achieves the popular designs and natural look of timber but with minimal maintenance and all the benefits of fibre cement, including durability, resistance to fire and termite damage. In addition, they will not rot or warp if installed and maintained correctly and they are pre-primed, which makes them easy to transport and paint.”

Cemintel Weatherboards may be fixed to timber or steel framing and conform to the requirements of AS/NZ52908.2.

Cemintel Weatherboard is available through leading hardware retailers including Hudsons Building Supplies.