Territory Woodgrain Teak, a cladding product from Cemintel® was used in a unique application by Summit Homes Group at their new display home, showcasing the product’s versatility.

Designed by Summit Homes for first home buyers, the display home has a contemporary luxe vibe with hand-selected quality products adding a special touch to the property.

Territory Woodgrain Teak cladding was used in place of a traditional backyard fencing material. A classic cladding option with a lifelike woodgrain texture, the use of the product in this application represents an innovative approach to fencing; the stunning organic look complements the refined neutral grey tones and subtle details of the modern home.

The clever use of the cladding material in an outdoor fencing application combines a beautiful finish with long-term durability; unlike traditional fencing products that will experience moisture issues, Territory Woodgrain Teak is durable in a landscape application.

Peter Wilkinson, New Homes Design Manager for Summit Homes Group, states:

“As a designer, I’m always searching for products that can achieve a certain look with longevity and minimal maintenance. The cladding is an excellent product for landscapes, combatting many of the issues with traditional fencing products while looking fantastic – clients love its look and finish!”

Images copyright: Summit Homes Group