Strong shadowlines, concealed fixing, in addition to gun nailing for speedy installations, makes Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems’ new Scarborough Weatherboard an ideal product for architects and builders.

The Scarborough Weatherboard system from Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems consists of 12mm thick, pre-primed, smooth-faced boards, and a range of accessories providing a full system solution for quick and easy installation.

Scarborough Weatherboard’s design creates a strong and stylish shadow effect, while the concealed fixings enhance the finish, offering a contemporary style.

The face nailing groove improves the fixing accuracy of the weatherboard, while the gun nailing capability ensures efficient installation.

Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems used feedback from the market to develop the Scarborough Weatherboard system.

Drew Spiden, General Manager Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems, says, “Scarborough is a response to the market’s request for a premium weatherboard that is easier to install. We are proud to be able to deliver a weatherboard boasting concealed fixing and gun nail capabilities, without compromising its strong and stylish look that is desired by the builder and home owner.

Marksman Homes in New South Wales included Scarborough Weatherboard in the development of their latest project.

Director, Colin Brown says, "CSR Scarborough Weatherboard meets the stringent requirement of materials used for a Marksman Home. It achieves the Marksman standard for aesthetics with its appealing proportions and strong Shadowline.

“We have found Scarborough Weatherboard simple and easy to install and a welcome addition to our material palette. Furthermore it is supported by a substantive CSR product warranty which can only enhance Marksman Home's reputation as a leading builder of quality homes."

The Scarborough Weatherboard was also recently used in the construction of a display home in Peggy’s Beach, Tasmania by Oyster Bay Pine View.

Project Manager, Grant Flavall said, “We have been really happy working with Scarborough Weatherboards. They were a lot quicker to install, they sit flatter on the wall and spacing was ideal.

“Overall it looks absolutely awesome and we were really impressed with the modern look it gave to the end result.”

Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems’ Scarborough Weatherboard is lightweight at 11.5kg per length. Each length is 12mm thick, 175mm wide, and 4200mm in length. A durable fibre cement product, Scarborough Weatherboards will not rot, or burn and is termite resistant.

The accessory range for the Scarborough Weatherboard system includes:

  • Internal corner
  • External corner
  • Window Trim
  • Starter Strip
  • Soaker (for off stud jointing)