Fire safety and compliance has become a significant issue for the Australian construction industry on the back of several tower fires that have attributed highly combustible aluminium cladding as a significant contributor to the spread of fire. In addition, aluminium composite panels melt between 600-700C causing molten debris and toxic fumes.

More than ever, all stakeholders within the building process must be more accountable and informed when specifying non-combustible cladding products and systems.

The Australia Standard 5113:2016 sets out procedures for testing and classification of external wall systems in relation to their ability to limit the spread of fire across the surface of the building and between neighbouring buildings. To achieve the EW classification of AS 5113, a cladding system must undertake a rigorous testing process and receive a ‘Pass’ for ALL criteria, including the debris requirements. AS 5113 is the most stringent large-scale system test globally.  Other tests are being used for evidence of suitability, for example, BS8414 part 1 and 2 2015, and ISO13785, however, neither of these have the debris criteria.

To date, many systems, including aluminium panels, have failed to pass the debris requirements. Following the testing of the Cemintel Territory range virtually no debris was apparent, and the wall was deemed to be in good condition.

With trust in Australia’s building and construction sector eroded by the use of non-compliant, or substandard products, Cemintel is committed to developing lightweight building solutions that not only offer design flexibility and look beautiful, but lead the industry in terms of safety, performance and compliance.

The addition of the EW classification to the existing AS 5113 rating and the SAI Global CodeMark certification for the Cemintel Territory range provides added peace of mind when it comes to choosing safe and compliant cladding systems.

Cemintel’s commitment to quality materials, safety, performance and design is at the heart of this innovative product range. A dedication to delivering intelligently engineered, flexible systems and prefinished solutions enables Cemintel to set and drive new standards in all areas of design across Australia.

For more information on the AS 5113 EW classification, why non-combustible fibre cement is a safe option for facades and cladding, and to view the AS 5113 fire testing on the Cemintel Territory range, visit the Cemintel website, or contact the Cemintel DesignLINK team on 1800 621 117.