Cemintel™ introduces two new prefinished cladding panels created in collaboration with designer Kathy Demos to both captivate and complement their environs. The new wall cladding systems from the lightweight building material specialists include the Surround and Territory ranges.

Kim Roughan, National Marketing Manager at Cemintel observes that many designers find it an everyday challenge to produce concepts that both celebrate technology and provide contextual sympathy with their immediate environment.

According to Ms Roughan, Cemintel’s newly evolved Surround and Territory ranges continue the company’s tradition of developing sophisticated prefinished building solutions while allowing designers to achieve new standards in aesthetic unity.

Surround’s new prefinished fibre cement panels draw inspiration from designer Kathy Demos’ forward-thinking philosophy that good design is driven by a desire to respond to social, political and environmental challenges.

The Surround cladding range offers a core palette of neutrals and discrete patterns that references Australian landscapes and streetscapes, allowing designers to deliver spaces that merge seamlessly with their settings. The range introduces a palette of five neutral pre-finished products, matched with a highlights palette. Each product and highlight is represented by a symbol that references its level of warmth and base type, linking to other colours in the range. 

Available in a mixture of textures and effects such as smooth, metallic and marl, and patterns including a soft leather-look and traced line appearance, the Surround range has been curated for use as either a standalone colour or a combination of colours and finishes.

Ms Roughan says Cemintel’s unique Colour System uses symbols to link each product with complementary colours, simplifying the selection process to ensure designers and homeowners can make confident choices.

The second cladding range, Territory is based on the Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality, and expands on Cemintel’s Designer Series, drawing on traditional building materials such as stone, timber, concrete and metal for inspiration. The prefinished cladding panels simulate the appearance of these materials to enhance building facades.

Cemintel’s Territory range includes names such as Savanna, Woodlands and River Bed that allude to their product appearance, allowing designers to incorporate natural-looking, textured finishes with unmatched durability and performance features. 

Ms Demos adds that the two new cladding systems, Surround and Territory, reflect and celebrate the world around, and also evolve with changing design demands.

Image: Cemintel Territory Quarry Urban Grey in a residential project