The commercial market now has the option of a monolithic flush jointed cladding system with the release of Cemintel Commercial Rendaline.

Cemintel Commercial Rendaline is a new complete light weight exterior façade system designed to provide a textured finish on commercial buildings. Its jointing and texture coating system offers a strong, durable façade which is easy to install.

With the launch of Commercial Rendaline, Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems now offers the option of both flush and expressed joint systems, creating a range of looks that suits both contemporary and traditional design.

The system includes panels supported by vertical top hat framing, and fixed with concealed screws. Sheeting is isolated from the main structure, providing weather tightness and flexibility, while also achieving a complete monolithic finish.

With the ability to be fixed to timber, steel and masonry substrates, the 8mm Rendaline™ sheet, is manufactured from Autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement and is available in sizes 1200 x 2400mm or 1200 x 3000mm – making the Commercial Rendaline System versatile enough to be used on most building types.

The complete Commercial Rendaline system includes: 0.75 BMT Top Hats ; Cemintel 8mm Rendaline sheet; Trim-tex beads and Buildex screws; Cemintel jointing compound; Cemintel jointing tape; Cemintel skim coating; Cemintel texture coating; Multifoam bond breaker tape – (as per texture base system) and jointing compound tools.

Adding Commercial Rendaline to the Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems portfolio means that builders now have the option to choose between a flush joint system and an express joint system with Cemintel ExpressWall. Both complete systems are fully warranted, so builders can have the assurance of quality materials to achieve their desired look.

Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems recently rebranded from CSR Fibre Cement.

Source: Building Products News.