The new CSR ExpressWall from CSR Fibre Cement offers a complete compressed sheet façade system that has been purposely engineered to provide the solution to joint movement and weather tightness in façade applications.

Offering an expressed joint appearance and the versatility to meet the industry’s design requirements, CSR ExpressWall meets the most demanding façade applications. Purpose-built components combine to provide a compressed sheet façade system that is watertight, flexible and easy to install.

The structure of ExpressWall Top Hat is said to be a breakthrough for the industry. Designed to accommodate sheet and structural movement, its design provides a watertight system and unlike similar systems available, it can accommodate greater sheet and structural movement between panels, minimising the risk of warping and providing a weathertight façade system that’s built to last.

The ultra-fast ExpressPanel compressed sheet combines the latest in manufacturing technology and is specially engineered for façade applications. CSR ExpressPanel is sealed on all sides, ensuring a range of finishes from paint to textured coatings can be easily applied. ExpressPanel can also be arranged in a variety of patterns for a contemporary finish, as detailed in the new CSR ExpressWall installation guide.

Purpose-designed ExpressWall gasket tapes are used to seal vertical and horizontal joints for a watertight and easy to install system. The use of gasket tapes provides the ability to prefabricate the components prior to installation, saving time required on-site. The security of quality installation is enhanced through the system’s simplicity of installation and ability ti minimise the risk of poor workmanship.

CSR ExpressWall is suitable for a range of commercial, industrial and residential building types, has been tested for high wind forces up to 7 kPa and is suitable for curved applications.

Source: Building Products News.