Entry to the Cemintel™ 9 Dots Award 2015 will close on 3rd August.

Now in its fourth year, the design awards program offers architects, designers and students Australia-wide the opportunity to create and showcase their innovative residential design skills. This year’s competition challenges contestants to use their creative as well as practical sensibilities by designing an inner city housing development using Cemintel’s Creative Product range.

The 9 Dots Award 2015 is a great opportunity for designers to create and potentially influence the future standards of residential design. The judging panel of award-winning Australian architects and designers includes Marissa Looby, Architect at Woods Bagot; Sacha Coles, Director of ASPECT studios; Melonie Bayl-Smith, Director of BIJL Architecture; and Michael Holt, Director of Architects United.

Marissa Looby, Architect at Woods Bagot explains that Cemintel's 9 Dots Award offers design professionals and students the opportunity to test inner city urban ideas around housing and density. The competition requires candidates to apply a real product range to bring these ideas to life, making it not only a realistic brief but also something that is particularly in tune with today's real estate climate.

Marissa added that the competition presented an incredible chance for designers to push the boundaries of residential design and potentially inspire new thinking on the direction of contemporary housing.

The Cemintel 9 Dots Award offers over $8000 in cash prizes as well as industry recognition associated with this independently judged award.