Cemintel announces the release of Design Trends, a guide book that identifies the latest inspirations in Australia’s architectural and design community. Prepared in collaboration with Australian Trend Forecast, the book, now in its third edition, showcases the innovative use of lightweight building materials from the Cemintel range by designers and builders in some of the most stunning projects throughout the country.

Cemintel Colour and Design Manager Vicky Bowen explains that Design Trends features over 25 Cemintel projects from across Australia, highlighting how lightweight building materials are influencing concepts in modern design. The book offers inspired ideas around material selection, illustrated through a series of recent projects, 3D render designs and mood board presentations, helping designers maximise the creative potential of their projects.

According to Bowen, the book is the result of a collaboration with Australian Trend Forecast whose research identified four emerging design directions: Industrial Intention, Shape Shifter, Fusion of Finishes and New Natural. The book matches Cemintel products to each of these complementing looks to help inspire and guide design ideas.

Kim Chadwick, Director of Australian Trend Forecast says the Design Trends Book is the definitive guide for builders and designers who want to achieve distinctive projects that excite their clients. One of the Design Trends projects, for instance, features a stunning Morningside home as an example of the Industrial Intention trend showcased through Cemintel’s BareStone product.

Kim explains that the rawness of this product helps create a more authentic and natural looking aesthetic that offers a cleaner, softer, simpler finish. The application of a bare material as the exposed hero product also adds an understated, unique element to the design.

The New Natural trend, which Kim expects to take off in 2016, is reflected in the Queensland Stylemaster display home featured in the book, with the look achieved through the application of Designer Series Textured Sandstone on both the external front porch and inside foyer walls.

Another showcased project, Illawarra’s Whalers Café & Bar features Cemintel’s Designer Series Slimline Slate product helping achieve the Fusion of Finishes design trend, which is increasingly being favoured by many building companies who are now featuring between three and four different materials on the exterior facades of projects. Providing a striking appearance through contrasting textures, styles and colours, this design trend is also expected to catch on in 2016.

Observing that design direction is about freedom of choice and accessibility, Kim Chadwick believes Cemintel is leading the way by offering a wide range of pre-finished products and traditional paintable claddings easily available in the Australian market. She comments that Cemintel’s product finishes and applications can outperform some traditional building materials such as brick and timber, allowing designers to translate high end trends into more achievable designs for their own projects.

Cemintel’s Design Trends Book can be downloaded online.