Leading producer of quality lightweight building products,  Cemintel™ introduces the Design Trends 2014, a design guide as well as an indispensable resource for architects and designers to use as reference on future trends.

Now available for the first time online, Cemintel’s Design Trends 2014 is a collaboration of colour and design specialists who have examined past, current and future projects, as well as blends, contrasts and colour ranges, stretching them beyond their original use into innovative creative solutions.

Today’s trends encourage the mixed-use of dark and light colours, textured and smooth, small and large materials, matte against gloss and vintage married with contemporary materials, all broken down into five themes: Urban Industrial, Natural Imitation, Outdoor/Indoor Merge, Australian Contemporary and Contrasting Materials.

Cemintel Colour and Design Manager, Vicky Bowen explains that Design Trends 2014 is a result of designers and architects embracing the distinctive use of contrasting styles, supported by building material companies such as Cemintel and their range of creative materials.

The online edition of Design Trends 2014 can be downloaded from the Cemintel website.