The raw concrete look of Territory Quarry Urban Grey cladding panels from Cemintel® helped the owners of a lakefront home in Adelaide break out of the suburban mould of traditional design. Homeowners Chantelle and Greg from West Lakes used Cemintel's innovative cladding to add an industrial feel to their home.

Builder Phil Friscic from Oxygen Building explained that the West Lakes area had a cream coloured palette; the owners sought a finish that was a bit more industrial and different from the norm. Cemintel’s Territory Quarry Urban Grey cladding panels met the owners’ expectations with their raw concrete look.

Thanks to the NichiGuard coating with an anti-staining, self-cleaning function, no finishing is needed for the cladding; the prefinished panels are also low maintenance.

Greg says he loves the Urban Grey for its quality, style and durability. Since the lakeside location of the house could have serious consequences on the structure, the couple wanted a product that could withstand the elements and allow the house to age gracefully.

Moving from a Federation style home to a contemporary, open plan design was an exciting prospect for the homeowners who wanted the new home to be simple and integrated with a few rustic elements. They chose aluminium windows and timber composite eaves for a natural look as well as to complement the Urban Grey panels well.

When it came to installing Urban Grey, which was relatively new to South Australia, builder Phil Friscic says he took a lot of guidance from Cemintel reseller Brett Grove at Upside Building. Though it took some practice, he completed the installation himself.

Greg says his neighbours love the look of the home and there have been offers on the house even before it was finished!

Although the West Lakes build was his first encounter with Cemintel’s Territory products, builder Phil is confident he will be using it in future projects.