The new pre-finished lightweight walling solution from Cemintel™ was selected by a Tasmanian builder for his own home as it met his specific requirements.

When building his own home, Rod Nichols sought an external cladding product that was not only new to the market and different from the mainstream products but also one that would allow him to complete the project in the least amount of time.

Rod, the owner of Nichols Developments Pty Ltd, selected Cemintel’s new, Cemintel Designer Series for his home, a stunning two storey house with sweeping views of Tranmere.

Rod explained that even his building company looked for walling solutions that were different, structurally sound, and offered a complete system. The Cemintel Designer Series range met all these requirements, in addition to offering a broad choice of panels in different textures and colours.

Available for the first time in the Australian market, Cemintel’s Designer Series consists of an innovative range of lightweight and durable pre-finished external cladding panels in a variety of textures and colours, enabling designers and builders to experiment with designs to create anything from a striking look for the whole structure through to making a clear statement on a feature wall.

Installation time is reduced thanks to an innovative fixing system in Cemintel Designer Series, wherein the panels are simply attached to the housing frame using a unique clip fix system and are installed by carpenters using standard tools, eliminating the need for additional tradesmen.

Rod confirmed that once they understood the concept, the system was relatively easy to install.

Rod chose the Cemintel Designer Series Smooth Cream panels as the main external façade material, ensuring a minimalist look with its high level finish and visible horizontal joints. The Textured Sandstone panel was selected as the feature material on the parapets around the top of the home. The Textured panels’ depth of colour and intricate texture complement the Smooth panels perfectly well.

Cemintel Designer Series

The Cemintel Designer Series consists of five different styles of textured panels, each in a range of colours. Styles include i-Cube, Textured, Slimline, Woodgrain and Smooth. While Smooth comes in a choice of two different coloured panels, Cream and Mocha, Textured panels are available in three natural coloured tones: Alpine, Sandstone and Ebony.