The new Designer Series from Cemintel™ was used by Queensland building company Medlim to deliver a unique and striking finish for two specification homes built side-by-side with identical layout and land size. Both homes also feature four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two media rooms and a small backyard.

Medlim owner Gerry Vanderstam explained that a key objective for the walling solution was to achieve a modern contemporary design while also ensuring a unique style for each house. Speedy construction is an important part of specification home building, requiring builders to work quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

According to Gerry, they sought three key factors in the walling solution: ease of installation, longevity and low maintenance.

Medlim chose the new Cemintel Designer Series, an innovative range of durable, pre-finished, cement composite panels from CSR, available in a variety of unique modern textures and colours, suitable for any facade installation and also easy to install.

Recommended to Medlim by Trade Builders Group, the Designer Series was installed at the project, delivering significant time savings, a great finish and the assurance of a high quality product. Gerry said it was their first experience with using a CSR Cemintel product, and they were delighted with the results.

Different styles of textured panels from the Cemintel Designer Series range were used for each house, and the project took just four months to complete.

The installation of the Cemintel Designer Series was a relatively simple and efficient process with no noticeable external joints. From an aesthetic perspective, the wide range of colours and textures of the Cemintel Designer Series was appealing as it allowed them design flexibility.

Cemintel Designer Series

The Cemintel Designer Series consists of five different styles of textured panels in a range of colours: the ultramodern i-Cube, Textured, Slimline, Woodgrain and Smooth. The wide range enables designers and builders to easily create unique building designs. Textured offers a choice of three different coloured panels: Alpine, Ebony and Sandstone.

The Cemintel Designer Series can also be used as a viable option to traditional construction materials such as brick, or to complement existing finishes.