Cemintel™  introduces a new structural flooring product suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Constructafloor from Cemintel is a lightweight, durable, moisture-resistant and affordable flooring solution.

Manufactured from advanced lightweight fibre cement, Constructafloor is a stronger alternative to particleboard or plywood and cheaper than pouring concrete. Available in two sizes, sheets can be gun nailed and incorporate tongue and groove joints.

Cemintel Product Manager, Ben Thompson explains that the Constructafloor does not require pre-drilling and screwing to timber joists, unlike traditional compressed fibre cement. Installation simply involves gun nailing in place, saving a significant amount of time, effort and additional material cost.

Key benefits of Constructafloor structural floors:

  • Tongue and groove system compatible with 19mm timber sheet flooring, eliminating the need for timber trimmers
  • External Constructafloor product can be used for ceramic tile finishes over timber or steel floor joists
  • Mesh reinforcement results in a hard wearing, exterior flooring system that protects against moisture damage for decks and balconies
  • Internal Constructafloor product can be used with tile, vinyl and carpet finishes, offering protection against moisture damage for all interior floors
  • Sealed on all sides
  • Advanced lightweight fibre cement construction naturally resistant to permanent water damage
  • Only requires a traditional membrane in areas in close proximity to showers and baths
  • Available in 900 x 1800 and 600 x 2700 sizes