Cemintel® helped bring the architect’s design vision to life at the new Pascoe Vale Community Centre commissioned by the Moreland City Council in Victoria.

Moreland City Council partnered with K2LD Architects to design a new space that would support the organisation and its services, while encouraging the expansion of their programs through thoughtful design. The colourful design of the new Pascoe Vale Community Centre is representative of the diverse community it serves. Cemintel Barestone cladding serves as the perfect backdrop to the vibrant use of colour in the building, highlighting the striking design of the hub.

Irene Giavas, the council’s project manager and lead architect, said the vision for the new building was all about creating a vibrant, diverse space, offset by its natural surroundings. 

“We wanted the community to be involved in how the building should look and feel. They wanted space and light, and to be connected to nature. 

“These combined elements created a lively, playful design with colour and light that still has connections to the natural environment around it. The vivid colour palette can evoke emotional responses, and people feel they can connect more with the space,” Giavas explained.

Mal Bas, lead architect at K2LD, commented on how Cemintel’s Barestone was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. 

“The design process was heavily influenced by the exploration of colour, to represent the complex and diverse community the facility supports. When the centre opens its doors, it shouts colours to the whole community.

“A natural, organic looking material was needed to balance the strong colour elements in the design. Cemintel Barestone has a beautiful stone finish with warm tones, providing contrast without dominating the design,” added Bas.

Barestone cladding panels can be cut to size onsite, ensuring total design flexibility during installation.

“When you look at the building you can see the panel sizing is quite organically broken up. It was a complex but worthwhile process that really added to the aesthetic of the overall design,” says Bas. 

“The combination of different sized cladding panels gave us the ability to transform the composition of the facade and break up the rigidity of the space.”

Public facilities play an important role in supporting communities, so choosing sustainable, durable materials that can stand the test of time was at the forefront of the design process. Barestone’s natural, contemporary finish doesn’t require painting, and weathers naturally over time, cementing the building’s legacy in the community for many generations to come.

“We’re really happy with the design and the way Barestone enhances the space. It’s such an incredible community building, and its design ensures it will remain timeless, elegant and stylish for years to come,” concludes Giavas.