Cemintel™ is bringing the industrial revolution back into building design with the addition of Urban Grey to its Designer Series of pre-fabricated, cement bonded, fibrous wood particle panels.

The Industrial Evolution consisting of greys, blues, bone and greens is a forecasted colour trend for 2013-2015 by Colourways, Australasia’s leading trend forecast group established by the Design Institute of Australia. 

Colourways managing consultant Kim Chadwick explains the forecasted trend represents a journey from the established past along a path to rediscovery. Cemintel’s Urban Grey featuring a raw yet soft texture with grey undertones is the ideal example of old becoming new.

A natural but contemporary panel, Urban Grey has a raw cement look increasingly popular in Australasian design. A lightweight panel, Urban Grey utilises the Cemintel Designer Series’ unique clip fix system, allowing quicker and cheaper installation than concrete.

Cemintel’s senior product manager Ben Thompson says the welcome addition of Urban Grey offers designers, home owners and architects the raw aesthetic look that Colourways has forecasted, enhancing and complementing the existing range of colours and styles.

Architects and designers are appreciating the stories behind history-filled buildings, taking the role of both preserving and enhancing, and strengthening the desire for building products that will both enrich and blend with the surrounds.

According to Ben Thompson, Colourways’ Industrial Evolution relates directly to the Industrial Revolution, a period that introduced the 18th Century to its biggest advancements in technology and employment; it was also the century that took its biggest toll on the environment through pollution and waste. 

Now, in the 21st Century, where the environment and preservation are buzzwords, building products such as Cemintel’s BareStone and the new Urban Grey mirror this popular trend of industrial versus nature, with lightweight materials, low embodied energy and reduced environmental impact.

Urban Grey complements the current Designer Series Range, consisting of six pre-fabricated, cement bonded, fibrous wood particle panels.

Designer Series is suitable for interior and exterior application and features a variety of textures and colours with the ultra-modern i-cube, textured panels, traditional Slimline, classic Woodgrain and minimalist Smooth.