ExpressWall, a versatile facade system from Cemintel™ provided the perfect canvas for architect Kylie Mitchell to translate a painting into a striking exterior for a home in Armidale, NSW.

Art House by Kylie Mitchell is a bold, innovative and environmentally-sensitive design that combines crisp lines, geometric shapes and a daring colour palette to create an unforgettable vision of art transformed into architecture.

Cemintel’s ExpressWall facade system fit the brief perfectly as the cladding could be painted for a custom finish, allowing the architect considerable creative freedom in taking the concept to reality. Wrapped externally around the entire home, its clean base accentuates the circles of Cemintel’s Scarborough cladding, an alternative to traditional weatherboard.

The final design outcome has an eye-catching polka dot effect, with the cladding’s angular horizontal lines contrasting with the soft spherical feature shapes and red and black accents.

ExpressWall also provides a suitable cladding solution for the home, given that Armidale experiences temperature extremes in summer and winter. The durable ExpressWall cladding system is able to achieve the design vision and maintain its finish through diverse weather conditions.

Homeowner Tim Harris says they fell in love with the house at first sight. A home that frequently turns heads for its facade artwork, the Art House also uses smart design to enhance the liveability factor.