Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia  presents the new edition of the Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook published in collaboration with Standards Australia.  

Now in its 5th edition, the Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is Australia’s leading design reference tool for reinforced concrete construction and available for purchase online at SAI Global.  

The newly updated edition brings the Handbook in alignment with AS 3600 Concrete Structures and Amendment No 1-2010, as well as other relevant standards.  

Highlights of the new edition of the Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook:    

  • References all the fundamental structural elements of reinforced concrete design including beams, suspended slabs, columns, walls and footings
  • New chapters on durability and fire resistance as well as design examples
  • New chapter on strut-and-tie design method (reflecting the new section of AS 3600)
  • Revised rules for crack control in beams and slabs
  • Spreadsheets included to illustrate design principles, requirements of AS 3600, and recommendations