Komal Krishna has recently joined Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA) to work with Victorian architects, designers, engineers and builders who specify and use concrete.

As Melbourne-based Engineer – Construction Solutions, Komal Krishna’s role is to ensure industry stakeholders are fully informed of the capabilities of the concrete solution.

“CCAA is Australia’s leading provider of information and technical resources to professionals working in concrete design and construction, and I’ll be engaging directly with those people to ensure they have access to this wealth of knowledge,” she says.

With qualifications in materials engineering and chemistry, Komal Krishna has recently been involved in concrete admixtures. She was part of the building and construction industry in New Zealand for four years.

Komal Krishna is particularly interested in innovative uses of concrete - using technology and modified properties of the material for the achievement of advanced architectural and engineering projects.

As part of her brief, Komal Krishna will be making regular presentations to architects, building designers, engineers and council staff on topics ranging from new technologies, specification and sustainability to the day-to-day practicality of supply and placement.

“The presentations don’t have to relate to a specific, current project. I’m always happy to take up invitations for general presentations to individuals or groups,” she says.

“I also welcome technical enquires or requests for information on practical concrete solutions.”

Komal Krishna complements CCAA’s Constructions Solutions team comprising Perth’s Harry Backes, Sydney’s John Nichols, Adelaide’s Con Tsemtsidis, and headed by manager Tom Glasby in CCAA’s Brisbane office.