A new edition of a comprehensive guide to residential concrete floors has been released by the Cement and Concrete Association of Australia. Unlike the first issue of the guide which was published in 1998, the latest edition covers both slab-on-ground and suspended floors. The content has also been completely updated to reflect changes in statutory requirements, site practices and available products.

The new guide covers everything from footing and slab design through to construction and maintenance issues. Suspended flooring systems, including composite suspended flooring solutions, are also looked at.

The C&CAA’s Dr Sam Guirguis says that while the guide is aimed at building professionals, it is also a useful tool for building owners who want to be able to make informed decisions in the selection process.

The association’s engineering and architectural staff works directly with architects, building designers, engineers and builders around Australia to help them maximise the benefits of building with concrete.

Source: Building Products News.