PRO-Mix from Cement Australia is a new range of additives designed to simplify and speed up DIY projects.

PRO-Mix additives make concreting, rendering and brick and block laying easier, particularly for those in the DIY segment, helping them achieve their projects quicker and with greater confidence. Making concrete, render or mortar has never been simpler or more straightforward for the DIY enthusiast.

Each additive in the PRO-Mix range is formulated to improve the performance of base products such as Cement Australia’s PRO-50 Concrete Mix or Sand & Cement, both supplied in convenient 20kg bags. By adding one sachet of PRO-Mix product to a 20kg bag of base product, the DIY’er can tailor the performance of the material to meet their needs.

Using Cement Australia ‘PRO-50 Concrete Mix’ Base

PRO-Mix TOUGH synthetic fibres add reinforcement to concrete when extra toughness is required. Recommended for heavily loaded slabs and pathways, the additive simplifies the project as there is no need to buy reinforcing steel mesh.

PRO-Mix FAST additive reduces concrete setting time and accelerates early-age strength growth. Providing more time to place and finish the concrete than with a Rapid Set concrete mix, the additive still delivers high early-age strengths that generally allow the concreted surface to be used the same day.

PRO-Mix FINISH additive is used to produce flowing concrete for achieving easy finishes on slabs and level pathways. Being pourable, it finds its own level, reducing the effort involved in the task.

Using Cement Australia ‘Sand & Cement’ Base

PRO-Mix RENDER converts the ‘Sand & Cement’ base product into a multi-surface render that can be trowelled to a fine finish. The render can be used on blueboard, AAC blocks and panels, and brick or block masonry walls.

PRO-Mix MORTAR converts the ‘Sand & Cement’ base product into a strong, versatile mortar displaying good moisture retention properties for improved workability and longer working time. Colour can be added from Cement Australia’s range of oxides to both the render and the mortar.