Gap Sand is an optimised blend of carefully selected natural fine sands with organic compounds designed to fill gaps between pavers, tiles etc. in both internal but primarily in external applications.

Gap Sand is ready to use straight from the bag. There's no need for blending with other materials prior to use.

Following the laying of tiles, bricks or block pavers, the gap between neighbouring units needs to be filled to prevent undesirable filling with dirt, soil etc. which can sustain weed growth and insect infestation. Once the gaps has been filled with Gap Sand, the application of moisture (that is, watering in) promotes the gelling of the sand which prevents loss of the material from the gap.


  • Gap Sand inhibits weed growth and insect infestation by forming a firm but pliable joint between each paver which allows slight movement without distortion or cracking
  • When re-wet through rain or hosing Gap Sand forms a pliable Gel which returns to the firm bond between the pavers once it is dry
  • Assists in maintaining joint integrity and stability

Gap Sand is very easy to use - just brush it into the gaps and then wet the material to promote gelling. Job done!

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