Heatray gas fired tube radiant heating panels from Celmec International were recently installed in THE BAR at the end of the wharf, a venue situated inside the historic Wharf building at Walsh Bay.

The venue has high ceilings and is very spacious, making it difficult to keep warm. These heating panels from Celmec International resolved the issue as they are specially engineered to suit large space.

The heating panels were mounted up high and suspended from structural beams within the venue.

This allows them to effectively warm the area below and guarantees the comfort of patrons.

The heating panels produce a medium intensity radiant heat which prevents the venue from becoming uncomfortably hot.

The heating panels do not glow, and they are extremely energy efficient.

They can provide energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional warm air heating systems.

A range of mounting options, controls and sizes are available, so the heating panels can be installed in a wide range of different spaces.