Celmec International  introduces a new generation of Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters (IRH-G) for outdoor and well-ventilated indoor applications.  

Available in two options, Model 102 with manual ignition and Model 112 with auto ignition, the new gas heaters feature improved performance over previous versions with no aesthetic change so that they can still blend in with existing installations.  

The new and improved Heatray infrared radiant gas heaters operate silently as standard, eliminating the need for additional silencing tiles. The silent operation feature is particularly relevant for indoor well-ventilated installations.  

Key features of the new infrared radiant gas heaters: 

  • Higher heat output, producing more heat for the same MJ input
  • Each gas heater covers a larger floor area
  • High fuel efficiency with low operating cost
  • Suitable for outdoor and well-ventilated indoor applications
  • Can be wall-mounted or ceiling suspended
  • Manual ignition gas heaters and auto ignition gas heaters
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Silent operation as standard