Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square has recently been installed with Celmist Evaporating Mist Cooling systems from Celmec International .

Heat is easily generated in the Square due to its northwest facing location and heat reflection off concrete and stone surfaces.

The lack of trees and grassy areas in the Square also means there is little shade for guests to retreat to in order to protect themselves from the sun and heat.

The cooling systems are designed to provide evaporative mist cooling, and they have been installed onto the lighting towers within the Square.

Misting rings spray an ultra fine mist into the atmosphere, which absorbs into the warm air and cools it down.

These have been placed around the towers, and they contain a number of fine nozzles to allow for mist to escape.

The Celmist cooling systems can be installed in outdoor restaurants, gaming areas and sporting facilities, among others.

The cooling systems can be attached to a number of different structures including pergolas and umbrellas.