Celmec International offers a wide range of outdoor heating solutions, including Heatray portable patio heaters under its Heatray brand. These commercial grade radiant heaters warm people and solid objects making them ideal for use in alfresco and hospitality applications where heating large areas of cold air is uneconomical.

Cost effective to operate and offering optimum performance, these portable patio heaters have a Piezo pull cord ignition and have a longer running time, requiring fewer gas bottle changes.

Celmec's Heatray patio heaters use high efficiency ceramic infrared technology, meaning more energy is converted to useful radiant heat compared to conventional atmospheric gas burners.

Heatray decorative portable heaters feature an upright head, allowing them to be placed on the periphery of an outdoor area to direct their heat inwards. This helps to save floor space as the heater does not need to be placed in between tables and chairs. Also, because the patio heater is out of the way of patrons they offer additional safety.

There are three models in the Heatray portable patio heater range; DP1025, P102, P104. All models use large gas bottles for longer lasting operation and are supplied with wheels as standard to offer a truly portable heater.