Heatray tube radiant gas heaters from Celmec International are recommended for large areas that have high rooflines and are well ventilated. They are ideal for installation in warehouses, restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Heatray tube radiant gas heaters deliver radiant energy, which warms people and objects, rather than the air itself. Therefore, they are useful in large breezy areas.

However, they can be flued to the outside and can therefore be installed indoors and in places with less ventilation.

Features of Heatray Gas Tube Radiant Heaters:

  • AGA approval Electronic ignition - soft start
  • Choice between horizontal suspension or wall mounting
  • Aluminised steel tubes provide long life
  • Option of Natural and LP Gas
  • Exhaust temp maintained above due point dry system
  • Safety automatic safeguard system