The debate prior to the introduction of the recent carbon tax has increased people's awareness of climate change and the effects of carbon footprint.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency claims that Australia generates more pollution per person than any developed country, including the United States. This high pollution level is due to the fact that our electricity is mainly generated by burning coal, with mining industries, farming and deforestation also contributing factors.

As Australia gets ready to wave goodbye to the winter season, another wave is about to descend - El Nino. A recent report from Reuters claims that there are already clear signs of the periodic warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean already developing.

The Australian Government has a range of initiatives designed to help households and businesses make smarter energy efficient choice and reduce their carbon footprint.

Celmec International 's Celmist evaporative cooling system helps to protect outdoor areas from the sun and control the temperature at the same time. Integrated with a range of architectural umbrellas, the Celmist evaporative cooling system provides a cooling effect, governed by the relative humidity within the umbrella space.

The perfect solution to the summer heat
The Celmist evaporative cooling system ensure reduced operating costs and minimal water usage. Other key features and benefits include:
  • humidity sensor ensures no wetting of the area
  • programmable solid state controller with manual or auto operation options
  • thermal overload and interruption to water supply pump protection
  • suitable for retrofit projects
  • purpose designed umbrella Misting Rings and small bore high pressure flexible tubing (120bar)
  • maximised wind protection with purpose designed weather accessories
Celmist cooled umbrella systems can be tailored, making it suitable for new or existing projects. The evaporative cooling system is perfect for industrial cooling, pollution, dust and odour control applications.