Primarily designed to integrate with their range of architectural umbrellas, Celmec International created special brackets so that the lights sit flush on top of each umbrella spoke.  

Mounting on top of the spokes allows the Celights to refect off the canopy of the structure, rather than shining directly into the eyes of people below, which can occur with downward spot lighting.  

A range of filters are available for the Celight to create coloured lighting effects.  

Specifications of the Celight include:

  • Fluorescent G23 tpe globe / 2750°K
  • Curve shaped light fixture coomplte with pearl carbonate diffuser
  • L: 500mm, W: 60MM, D: 50mm
  • Range – wide diffusion
  • Span – 120 dgrees, forward bias
  • Power – 11W / 0.1AMP – 240V / 1PH / 50HZ