Celmec International’s  architectural umbrellas are designed to withstand the elements of the Australian environment. UV resistant, waterproof membranes with anti fungal PDF ensure easy maintenance while marine grade fittings mean long life. The architectural umbrellas withstand wind conditions of up to 120km/hr, with higher wind ratings available.

To combat hot summers, an integrated cooling system is available with the architectural umbrellas. Celmec International’s Celmist Cooling system makes outdoor areas cool and comfortable by reducing the ambient temperature under the umbrella by an average of 9˚C (16˚F) on a hot day.

To achieve this, the system pumps high pressure filtered water through fine nozzles, creating tiny droplets that evaporate in the hot air, cooling it down. The Celmist Cooling system comes equipped with humidity control sensors to ensure there is no wetting of the area, along with auto and manual operation modes for optimal control.