CEDIA Australia  extends custom design and installation of electronics to suit specific customer needs. CEDIA was established as a not-for-profit trade association in 1989 in USA and CEDIA Australia is one of the administrative offices of CEDIA.

CEDIA was formed, to maintain business ethics and stipulates conditions such as, members must provide accurate information to each other, must strive for excellence in the industry, using only legal and written contract terms and other such ethical practices.

CEDIA gains the interest of designers and installers by creating awareness of custom installation among consumers, through educational programs, by generating leads and referrals, by assisting members in improving their management and technical skills, by monitoring and guiding the growth of industry, etc.

The customers are main beneficiaries of the services from CEDIA. CEDIA help customers in finding insured, qualified and reputable design and installation contractors. CEDIA promotes professionalism in the custom installation field.

CEDIA extends CEDIA certification which help installers to set benchmarks and measure themselves against others in the industry. CEDIA also provides feedback to the manufacturers that help them create products, which are easy to install and takes care of the specific requirements of the customers.

CEDIA offers industry specific education to technicians, designers and project managers. CEDIA has also created the Career Centre, which is the place to find trainable and experienced candidates in custom electronics industry.