Cedar Sales is sourced from mature trees that offer a natural resistance to rot. Timber weatherboards made from this wood are ideal for installations in humid and damp areas.

At Cedar Sales, the wood is cured and stored in controlled conditions to keep it warp-free and flat. As a result, timber weatherboards made out of this red cedar wood have an appealing grain, colour and texture, along with enduring quality.

For over 30 years, Cedar Sales has been manufacturing its product range from Pacific Northwest Cedar wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. The company has voluntarily committed to the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody tagging system, providing the assurance that all timber weatherboards sold by them are machined with the highest quality, environment-friendly cedar, which can be used with confidence and pride.

Cedar Sales supplies Western Red Cedar weatherboards in customisable profiles and lengths to suit the diverse project requirements of a growing list of trade and private customers. Exceptionally proud of their red cedar timber products, service standards and quality, the company provides a free advisory service to all clients.