Acoustic properties: The open cell structure of Western Red Cedar has demonstrated an ability to absorb and dissipate sound energy.

The cell structure converts the sound energy into heat by friction and viscoelastic resistance. The use of Cedar for walls and ceilings provides a level of sound insulation that will quieten rooms.

Flame spread and smoke development ratings: The good ratings of Western Red Cedar permit the Cedar to be used in many interior applications without treatment. The surface burning characteristics are used to regulate and control the rate of flame spread.

Termite resistance: The death rate of termites consuming Western Red Cedar varies wit fibre source and the species of termites from 100% in several days to 40% in several weeks.

Workability: Western Red Cedar has a fine, straight grain and uniform texture that make it easy to cut, saw and nail with common tools.

These features also contribute to its ability to be planed to a smooth surface of profiled to any pattern. Cedar is highly resistant to splitting caused by fasteners. Cedar’s freedom from pitch and resin make it an excellent base for all types of paints and stains.

Gluing properties: The lack of pitch and resin allows Western Red Cedar to hold glue bonds from a wide range of adhesives.

Extractive bleeding: Western Red Cedar contains water soluble extractives that contribute to its colour, durability and smell.

The presence of moisture on exterior surfaces can bring these extractives to the surface and leave a reddish brown stain after the water has evaporated. Controlling the extractive bleeding process is a matter of moisture control.

Primers are required prior to the application of a solid colour coating and an oil primer is recommended because of its superior ability to block out moisture.

Iron stains: The extractives in Cedar are also prone to staining when they are in contact with iron. The most common source of iron is the fasteners.

Care must be taken not to use wire brushed to clean Cedar or to allow iron fillings from other work projects come into contact with Cedar. The use of common steel or electroplated fasteners will lead to staining.

The solution to iron staining is to select fasteners made from stainless steel, aluminium or double hot dipped galvanised steel.

Other species: Cedar Sales  is also stockist of Clear Grade Oregon, Mebau/Kwilla, N.G. Rosewood, Surian, Malas and other species.