Timber ceilings are a beautiful and striking addition to a home or business property in indoor as well as outdoor settings.

A timber ceiling in an outdoor entertainment area, patio or decking area adds warmth, style and elegance, and also makes for a great conversation subject. In an interior space, such as a living room or bedroom at home, or, in the case of a business premises, a meeting room or reception, timber ceilings deliver a touch of flair and class to the area.

Timber ceilings in Western Red Cedar are particularly attractive with the timber combining its beauty with a host of functional benefits.

Western Red Cedar is a sound-absorbing timber with smooth and even acoustics, making it ideal for outdoor entertainment areas, busy reception areas or home theatre rooms. Though solid in structure, the timber is relatively lightweight and helps create a stable ceiling that will keep its shape without buckling or warping for many years – even in damp climates such as Queensland.

Western Red Cedar is also very durable because it contains naturally occurring extracts that prevent fungi formation and provide termite resistance. The thermal properties of the timber also keep buildings and houses cooler in summer and heating costs lower in winter.

Western Red Cedar from Cedar Sales is supplied in the form of panels for easy installation of timber ceilings. The panels are precisely machine cut and can be applied using glue and concealed nailing.

In terms of aesthetics, Western Red Cedar has a natural satin lustre that looks great with a clear coating, allowing the natural grain and colours to show through. Varying from light and mellow ambers to cinnamons and deep sienna browns, the rich tones of Western Red Cedar help create a warm and inviting space for any home or business.

When painted or stained, the timber offers striking results, helping designers achieve a unique look in the room from ultra-modern to classic or rustic.

Cedar Sales is a premium timber supplier with a reputation for providing the building and construction industry with high quality, sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar solutions.